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Novitec Ferrari F8 N-Largo

NOVITEC N-LARGO. That is the label under which NOVITEC creates spectacular limited-edition widebody versions for the world’s most exclusive sports cars. The latest member of this elite family is a high-performance two-seater based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo, which is built in a limited edition of just 15 vehicles. The NOVITEC N-LARGO bodywork modifications, which were developed in cooperation with German designer Vittorio Strosek, impress with a combination of aerodynamic efficiency and thrilling styling that was perfected in the wind tunnel. NOVITEC uses lightweight yet high-strength carbon as the material for the bodywork components. To match the bodywork that is wider by 13 centimeters, NOVITEC developed tailor-made NOVITEC NF10 NL hi-tech forged wheels in cooperation with American high-end manufacturer Vossen. Their staggered combination of 21-inch and 22-inch diameters on the front and rear axle puts even greater emphasis on the wedge shape of the mid-engine racer. The NOVITEC suspension with front lift is precisely calibrated to work with them. The uprated twin-turbo V8 engine lives up to the sporty looks as well. The performance upgrade to 602 kW / 818 hp slings the N-LARGO from 0 – 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. The top speed is north of 340 km/h. NOVITEC also offers maximum individuality in the interior. Its colors and design can be tailored to the N-LARGO owner’s preferences in every detail. A width of 211 centimeters at the rear axle. This stately dimension of the NOVITEC N-LARGO widebody version surpasses the production Ferrari F8 Tributo by exactly 13 centimeters. To this end, NOVITEC sculpted new, strikingly styled side elements that create the added vehicle width and a new pronounced hourglass shape. In addition, large air intakes supply the engine and the rear brakes with fresh air. The larger fender wells offer space for NF10 NL wheels of size 12Jx22, which were developed specifically for the NOVITEC N-LARGO. Thanks to the use of hi-tech forging and machining technology, these rims manufactured by Vossen exclusively for NOVITEC offer an outstanding combination of maximum strength and lightweight construction. The extremely concave forged wheels with five delicate twin spokes are mounted with high-performance tires of size 335/25 ZR 22. At the front axle, the N-LARGO adds seven centimeters in width compared to the production car. This comes courtesy of the wider front fenders, which replace the production components in their entirety. They accommodate wheels of size 9.5Jx21 mounted with size 255/30 ZR 21 tires and feature fin-like slits in the top to vent the air heated by the brakes from the fender wells as quickly as possible. The N-LARGO rocker panels create an optimal aerodynamic transition between the front and rear flares. The front and rear fascias were of course also adapted to the wider fenders and replace the production bumpers. The front spoiler is enhanced with side flaps and gives the two-seater a decidedly aggressive look. In addition, the shape optimized in the wind tunnel reduces aerodynamic lift, which further improves handling stability at high speeds.

The combination of large rear spoiler in pronounced “ducktail” design and diffuser integrated into the N-LARGO fascia generates more aerodynamic downforce. The N-LARGO hood with scoop is a visual treat and optimizes the air circulation in the engine bay in addition. As an alternative to the variant pictured here, the NOVITEC widebody version with naked-carbon front flaps, air outlets in the front fenders, rocker panels, rear spoiler and diffuser, the refinement specialist also offers a variant where these elements are painted in body or contrasting color. Those wishing for additional sporty carbon-fiber touches on the bodywork can opt to have their car enhanced with a tailor-made insert and cowl for the front hood, covers for the production mirrors or special N-LARGO side mirrors and quarter lights made from this compound. NOVITEC installs special sport springs to lower the ride height of the vehicle by about 35 millimeters, rounding off the sporty appearance of the N-LARGO and further optimizing handling. Steep ramps such as those in parking garages or speed bumps are easier to navigate with the optional front lift system at the front axle. At the touch of a button, the hydraulic level adjustment raises the front axle by about 40 millimeters. The vehicle returns to the driving position at a second touch of the button or automatically at a speed of 80 km/h. NOVITEC complements the spectacular looks of the N-LARGO with a powerful upgrade for the twin-turbo eight-cylinder that delivers an extra 98 horsepower. The engine electronics of the two-seater are uprated with two plug-and-play NOVITEC N-TRONIC control modules, which introduce special mapping for injection and ignition and enhance the boost pressure control. The engine tuning also includes a NOVITEC high-performance exhaust system, which is available made from stainless steel or the especially light INCONEL. Both versions come with or without actively controlled exhaust valves. The two large tailpipes feature a combination of carbon and stainless steel and are optimally integrated into the N-LARGO diffuser. The sport exhaust provides reduced exhaust backpressure and is fully thermally insulated to curtail heating of the engine bay. This effect can be further optimized with 999 fine-gold plating, which is also available for the optionally offered 100-cell sport catalysts. In its most potent specification, the NOVITEC N-LARGO has an output of 602 kW / 818 hp at 7,960 rpm and produces a huge peak torque of 903 Nm at a low 3,100 rpm. The driving performance of the exclusive two-seater is accordingly outstanding. The limited-edition model accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds and reaches a speed of 200 km/h after just 7.4 seconds. The top speed is over 340 km/h. NOVITEC can create an interior for the special model from the finest leather and Alcantara in any conceivable color and desired upholstery design, all tailored to the owner’s personal preferences.